Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều lập trình được Smart Power DC 2kW
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Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều lập trình được Smart Power DC 2kW
TSP Series Power Supplier provide a pure DC source to your DUT with high efficiency.
Engineers don’t need to consider any more which type of power supply will you use.

If DC sources are needed for your systems or production tests, don’t hesitate to choose
TSP series regardless any application. TSP series will give you full satisfaction every time.

SMART DC Power Supply has been designed to overcome the tradeoffs that have been occurred consequentially from switching technologies.

It consists of two stage converters: One is to increase power supply efficiency with
switching technologies and the other is to overcome the tradeoffs with linear technologies.

Resultantly SMART DC power supply can work as a linear mode power supply with high efficiency and small size.

The Short Protection in the advanced function will cut the output power off before you
or your DUT get damaged.

Also you can use various functions such as Over Current Protection, Voltage Slope Mode Operation, Current Slope Mode Operation and Hold Mode Operation with TSP series.

Features & Advanced functions
- High Efficiency with using Switching Technologies
- High Stability with using Linear Technologies
- Low Ripple & Noise with using Linear Technologies
- Small Size
- Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
- Over Current Protection (OCPH) Note 1
- Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
- Remote Control
· RS-232C, USB Connector
· RS-485 replacement (Optional)
- Advanced Functions
· Over Current Protection (OCPL) Setting Note 2
· Buzzer Off Setting
· Short Protection Setting (1mΩ ~ 9.999Ω)
· Voltage Slope Mode (0.01 ~ 9999s)
· Current Slope Mode (0.01 ~ 9999s)
· Hold Mode (1 ~ 9999s)
· Slope-Hold Mode
- 19” Rack Mountable

- Component Aging Test
- Chlorine dioxide generators based on Electrolysis, Chemical Reaction Equipment
- Lamp Lighting (LED Test, CCFL Test and etc)
- Battery Charging, Capacitor Charging Test
- Industrial Electronic Design, Laboratory
- System Operations
- Experimental Education